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Thursday, February 25, 2010

What is Happening Thursday?

Well.. Several things-

1- we are making birdfood balls (or bombs at the boys have named them)
I have a canning jar full of grease from cooking- I am going to warm it up, pour it through cheese cloth to remove all particles..
Next, we will pour it into a large metal bowl, mix wild bird food with it - now comes the part the kids LOVE!
Each child gets a decent size square of plastic wrap, we (meaning my older daughter or I) take an ice cream scooper and scoop some of the birdfood mix into each piece of plastic, then the kids get to form their scoop into a ball (the ooshy gooshy part!) and my 2 daughters wrap yarn around each ball to hold and hang them, let them air dry just a bit and we hang them all over our trees and porch-

The birds love it - the kids love it and I love seeing the birds right about now...

2- Ok, we are also sledding today.  This last minute snow storm is perfect for sledding sooo, the kids are going to my mother in laws farm to play with their cousins. 

3- We are making homemade newspaper pots to begin our seed planting...

4- I am taking each of the 1 million seed packets I have listed in my other post (ok, exagerating.. just a bit)
I am going to sit down with a child or two- the do love to help - find how long before last frost they can be started indoors, mark the exact date for planting the seeds on each packet.  If I plan to stagger the harvest like I do with peas and green beans, I might mark 2 or 3 dates 1 week apart.  Now I will take each seed packet and put it in a plastic shoe box, closest date to last date.  Now, I have them planned for when the need to be planted, and in order so I don't miss a packet.  If I have more than one date on the packet, I will plant what I need, tape the packet up and refile in the next section it belongs in.  Easy and Done!

I will post pics later...

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Debbie said...

I liked reading about the bird food balls that your children make. I have wondered what to do with the left over grease in the past. Thanks for sharing this frugal idea. I live in a place FULL of wildlife.