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Monday, September 22, 2008


I love Autumn! I woke up this morning thinking, I just love how my home smells and feels at this time of year. All the baking that we begin again. All the cuddly blankets that come out for children when they are sitting and reading a book... I just love it.

So, is your garden done for the year? I am still squeezing out a few tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers. Just the last little bits remain but still taste so good. We pulled all of the celery the other day, it just looks so pretty and smells so fresh. I am already thinking about next year's garden... do's and don'ts.. maybe today is the perfect day to add all of my thoughts to my garden journal.

I am also going to bake some zucchini bread today. We have somewhat cloudy weather with the smallest chill in the air so it is a perfect day to open the doors, smell the fall air and bake while the children do their school.

What are you baking today? Do you have a favorite fall recipe you love? I'd be happy if you'd share it in the comments section. If I try it and love it, I'll post it with your name on my blogsite.

Well, off to begin the day. Laundry, coffee, then that garden journal entry.