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Friday, September 23, 2011

Thougts from our Lily-Flower

(As you read the following thoughts please remember they come from an 11 year old.  She is not intending judgement or correction in any way, but love and the desire to follow what she truly believes God would desire for all girls) 

My Mom found this site and article called A Joyous Home: Why I Only Wear Skirts and asked me if I wanted to read it, here is what I thought about the article over there.

Modesty is a word that some people don't care about anymore!

Girls these days wear short sorts and don't care who is looking at them and how they are looking!
What about God?
What do you think?
Do you think He is pleased with you?
- well maybe this site will help!

DEUTERONOMY 22:5 is the perfect verse to back me up and I have many other verse to back me up and if you have been reading your bible then you should too because God wants to make it clear what his rules are on modesty and James 4:17 - it is such a direct verse in all that we learn and think!
When women started wearing pants that's when they started working and being the man of the family, "who wears the pants in the family" where do you think that saying came from? What are the difference between girl's and guy's? Well that answer is girl's pants are tighter! Now the women and men wear the pants so they say I can do anything a man can do why are you even trying? Some people use the excuse well I can't do this and that and that and this.
Well maybe what you are doing God does not want you to do!
My sisters and I have been wearing skirts for two years and we ride bikes,swim, run, hike and a lot of other things. Girl say they like chalenges well here might be one of the biggest chalenges of your life. Christ said that all true Christians must go through trials and this maybe a trial in your life. It was in mine, I did not want to be different from other people. Some times it is still hard like when you see a friend that does not understand your beliefs. I have lots of friends that don't understand but they don't care they are still my best friends! If you will please go to this link we have you will understand!The rest of our family wears pants we don't shun them even though they wear pants we still love them a lot!!! We do not judge them either - God convicts everyone at their own right timing. This may just be your time.  Lily-Flower

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What I have been reading lately

I know.. 6 kids.. a business and I am reading- Well... yes, usually I am only able to read here and there but my sweet hubby had extensive dental work done 2 weeks ago.  8 1/2 hours of dental work - so, while he was getting all of the mercury removed from his mouth, I sat, all by myself, in an air conditioned private room in a recliner - it was awesome!  And I read a book - ok, I read 2 books - they were fantastic! 

If you have never heard of the Boyer's you need to check out there website The Learning Parent - they are just really neat.  Marilyn has a wonderful heart for her children and has put her wisdom into such simple, easy to read words- I just can't say enough about this book
877072: Parenting From the Heart: Practical Parenting From A Mom of 14 Children Parenting From the Heart: Practical Parenting From A Mom of 14 Children

By Marilyn Boyer / The Learning Parent

Nationally respected homeschooling speaker and author Boyer shares her wisdom---and wit---from 30 years' experience as a mother. Filled with advice about crying babies and screaming shoppers, turning problems into projects, moving from sorrow to joy, setting up "school," standing alone, and letting your children grow and go. Includes lots of family photos! 164 pages, softcover from The Learning Parent.

and then.. once your heart has been touched and you are completely refreshed (like I was) a great follow up is this book
877048: Fun Projects for Hands-on Character Building, Revised Edition Fun Projects for Hands-on Character Building, Revised Edition

By Rick & Marilyn Boyer / The Learning Parent

Create precious family memories as you dive into projects, activities, and games designed to teach kids obedience, self-acceptance, a forgiving spirit, meekness, hunger for righteousness, and a bold testimony. Written by a homeschooling family with 14 children, this character-building "tool chest" overfloweth! Revised edition includes color pictures and an updated list of resources. 156 pages, softcover from The Learning Parent.
They really go hand in hand and could make some great crafts and projects for the rest of summer too!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Something Very Important Today

Please click on the above picture and read about the needs of this team.  I do believe we should all be praying - fervently - and pass the information on, share the link.

Thank You-

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Day - Tomorrow Already??

It is hard for me to believe but tomorrow is my last day of school for the year.  I have had years where I was glad to close the books with the children but this year I really hate it ending.. everything has been so smooth and I love our curriculum.  I guess I know that not every year will be as easy for us, that is the reality of homeschooling and we've been through great years and really tough years..

As a family, God has really drawn our hearts closer to Him in the last 2 or 3 years, part of His plan has been our ability to use the IBLP seminars for some real biblical training and growing.  They are amazing and I am so grateful to God for bringing us in this direction!  Even more exciting in this past year has been our new homeschool curriculum through ATI - Advanced Training Institute.  I have learned so much, so have the children.  I am so excited about next year I almost wish our schedule would permit us to begin early. 

Putting God at the center of each and every area of thinking, learning and educating seems so natural and makes everything make so much more sense.. it just flows in fantastic ways! 

Through our years of homeschooling I really thought that was how I was instructing the children, yet I knew they were not making the connection.  I was not seeing or hearing them actually "get" that God is the center... of EVERYTHING.. now, I am so blessed to say that I am seeing it... I am knowing this in a deeper way.  God has given us a wonderful tool and a real blessing for our family~

Have a wonderful day and enjoy gardening if you have a chance!

Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Going To Try...

I am planning on returning to blogging more regularly... no promises, but I am going to attempt it.  I know what you are thinking.. in the summer??? During gardening season... end of the year for school??.. while tearing up a kitchen to remodel... yes.. you will be my refuge.. my venting board..

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