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Friday, February 5, 2010


Are you planting a garden this year? 
Bigger than last year? 
We are!
Mostly because I just love to garden.
But also because the food just tastes so so good fresh picked.

This week we are expecting quite a snowfall in some nearby areas (Not like my brother in law down in Maryland.. but snow non the less) - just look at what is predicted for the Northeast...

So, to head off any end of winter weariness and because Sarah over at 8 Muddy Boots got me in a gardening mood.. (check out her site.. I love her blog)

I going to start sharing our plans for this years garden... hopefully every couple days I can add more info.

First thing I did this year was sit the kids down and ask each and every one what they wanted in the garden.  Some are greatly helpful, some.. my older son .. just said, "It doesn't matter as long as I am not planting and weeding."  But he does, and he is very helpful, I think he just loves saying what might annoy me.

This year I am getting more involved in using heiloom seeds so this year I ordered from Victory Seed Co

So here is our list of what will be in our garden:
Carrots - 2 types - 1 Danvers - I always have good results with them
                           - 1 Royal Chatenay - I like to try a new variety each year & they are good for freezing
Lettuce - 2 types - 1 Tango - a nice leaf lettuce - new to me
                           - 1 Tom Thumb - a nice butterhead type - also new to me
Cukes -  3 types -  1 Boston Pickling Improved - I love eating a pickling cuke - they are so crisp!
                              1 West Indian Gerkin - I am going to try pickling these
                              1 Spacemaster 80 - just for eating :)
Celery - 1 type    - 1 type - it never grows for me so type does not really matter! haha
Corn -   3 types  * please let me explain before telling the type* I will be planting the eating corn at home
                              and the popcorn at my mother in laws - she lives on a farm so we have enough land
                              and she doesn't ever complain about us using a little area.
                                1 Sweet - Stowell's Evergreen
                                1 Sweet - Country Gentleman
                                1 Popcorn - Japanese Hulless
Peas - 2 types -      1 - Oregon Sugar Pod II - these primarily get picked & eaten as we tend the garden
                              2 - Green Arrow - hopefully doubling last year will bring me enough to eat & freeze
Luffa - 1 type -       1 - Dishrag Gourd - if this works it will be a frugal Christmas Gift/ Dishscrubber/ etc.
Gourd - 1 type -     1 Birdhouse or Bottleneck - just for crafting & again Christmas Gifts
Radish - 1 type -     1 German Giant - just to add to salads
Pumpkins -3 types -1 Small Sugar - for pies and decoration
                               1 Atlantic Giant - fun and decoration (oh, and seeds! yummy)
                               1 Cinderella - for freezing (breads and muffins), seeds & decor
Tomato - 3 types -  1 Red Grape - I pack these in pots for porch and backyard decoration
                               1 Red Brandywine - the best in a salad! or plain ..
                               1 Prinipe Borghese - heavy yielder - small - good to freeze and can - salsa anyone?
Squash - 4 types -   1 summer squash/ Early Prolific Straight Neck - great on the grill & to share
                               1 summer squash/Dark Green Zucchini - bread, grill & sharing
                               1 winter squash/Waltham Butternut - my very favorite! baking and such - great to store
                               1 winter squash/ Table Queen Acorn - to bake with  - great to store
Watermelon - type -1 Watermelon - Mountain Hoosier
                              - because every single year we try a different type and hope in our cold climate that
                                 we will get at least 1 or 2.

I know it seems like a rediculous amount of stuff, but it works and is what we need to grow for our size family.

I will be adding a little more every day or two so come back - I'm sure you are anxious to hear how I will be fitting this in 24 x 32 ft. garden!

See You Soon,


legendswife said...

My husband and I are planning on building this year, so I'm not able to plant a garden:( But I have been doing a lot of day dreaming with seed catalogs and books. I'd love to see some pics of your garden this spring/year.

God Bless

Missy said...

If you already have a site to build why don't you do a little garden there - not massive to absorb time but enough to just enjoy? If you don't have your site yet, plant some veggies and herbs in a pot or bucket! You can bring it with you when the time comes to move~
Just a Thought,

Sarah said...

Missy- Thanks so much for the links! You have a great blog! I look forward to exploring it! :) And YES< I am SO in the Spring mood, I can hardly stand it!