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Friday, July 24, 2009


Blessings abound here...

As I planted my garden this year I prayed. Almost with every seed my kids and I planted I honestly prayed. I asked God to bless our garden, may it produce profusely!... I asked that we get no diseases that might ruin what we have planted as it is our time and money in the ground... I even prayed that I would have the time to maintain it as I need to - that is something I always lack.

This is not my garden, I will put a picture of my real garden in there tomorrow :)

Well, as many of you gardeners know, there is a terrible blight killing tomato and potato plants like crazy! All 14 tomato and 40 potato plants have been wonderfully spared from this. Both of my neighbors have blight covering their tomatos.... Thank God I will have enough to share.. we always do!

My electrician was supposed to come today but was a no show.. Which means my contractor is now not able to finish the bathroom tomorrow. Although it sounds bad it is actually a great blessing to everyone. My son who has been assisting our contractor now gets a day off. At 16, you really need this once in a while.. (he works like a horse for us during the week) I can go grocery shopping withour having to have someone home while the work is going on. And.. our sink & tub faucets have not come in yet sooo, all in all, we truly are better off waiting one more week.

My children just finished VBS tonight so they have been having fun and will be in great moods tomorrow.. and to top it off, they get to go to Lowe's and have a daddy & kid morning with the project they are building.. (1 hour for me to get some of the in and out errands done before they join me for the day)

Lastly.. My father, who is in a personal care home, met with a Veteran Assistant today and was able to get many forms filled out for assistance with his residence, prescriptions and medical care... Praise God! (he has Parkinson's Disease and is 85)

This is an excellent way to begin our weekend Psalm 120:1
Enjoy Your Family, Your Home and Worshiping The Lord this weekend...
I'll try to be back on Monday..

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