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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Contractors, Electricians, 6 kids, 2 cats and 1 dog...

Life has been so very busy around here, to add to this we are renovating our upstairs bathroom. I am so thankful for a great friend/neighbor/contractor! He has been so wonderful I actually haven't noticed him around here.

Well, now that the clay pipe is out of our walls I don't notice him around here..

While he was removing it I spent a lot of time praying and watching for this large 200 year old house to crumble to the ground- the noise and vibration from removing that pipe was incredible....

I am learning to have great patience every day by watching our much needed and wanted electrician pass by my house 2 to 3 times daily as he finishes another job up the road.

The fun part about all of this is that neither the contractor or the electrician have commited to certain days at my house, they are each taking it day by day and fitting my "small" job in as they can. Each day we vote on whether this will be "our" day or not. This kids think this is great... I am growing just a bit weary.

Basically our home and children need to be visitor ready by 7am each day so I can feel at ease if and when they pull into my driveway. To add to it my dog absolutely hates men! Yey! And... My wonderful but tired husband showers (in our one and only bathroon for right now) and gets ready for work which he leaves for at 6:45am each day.

Can you say WONDERWOMAN??? hahaha... I have become a master and being clean, dressed, children clean and dressed, house clean and smelling good in 15 minutes each day.. again I say.. I am growing just a bit weary from this.


Puddle of Grace said...

Welcome back to blog land!
Hang in there and be encouraged! Nobody ever said it would be easy living Proverbs 31:10-31!
ps... so glad your house pulled through with the clay pipe removal! You should blog more... you're a great writer!

~OurCrazyFarm said...

"WonderWoman!" I am doing great to have me presentable by 7:00:)) Yes,you should blog more! It sounds like you have a lot of wisdom to share! Thanks for listing me on your blog list. I will look forward to checking back! ~Terri