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Thursday, June 26, 2008

MODESTY - I have been speaking to my girls and reinforcing modesty as summer has hit.

We finally found some really cute Bermuda shorts for each of my girls! I can't believe how hard it is to find shorts that are modest... I know the Bible teaches that we should dress modestly and as I grow I am becoming more and more discerning.

When I look back at my teen years and even early 20's before I was living for our Lord, I am just so sad about my clothing choices. I was so immodest. I was raised with the attitude of "if you like it- wear it" never a thought as to my hindering another person or how I was being perceived by others. I now look at teens that resemble me as a teenager - the way I was allowed to dress and encouraged to act.

I am so thankful that God protected me through my foolishness. I also wonder at times what my parents were ever thinking! I am sad for their confusion, it has caused them years of heartache and my siblings years of rebellion, self hate and destruction. I am amazed at the difference in my children. I have guided, loved and spoken with my girls every time the issue of immodest clothing, attitudes or behaviors come up and pray that it isn't just blind obedience on their part but really a heart attitude and living for the Lord that convicts and encourages them to be lovely, modest girls.
We have also been focusing on our clothing being feminine. I am also becoming more convicted that my girls should look soft and gentle. I am the biggest offender of this. I have a habit of liking the more fun, funky style out there when I chose to dress up and as for everyday wear.. well, I have always been ok with any t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Now I am seeing and learning that my attitude really resembles how I dress. When I dress in a feminine way I act like a lady and when I dress any old way I have a "whatever" kind of an attitude about my behavior.

I sit, stand, wear my hair and makeup to resemble the rest of me. I even act more "girl-y". Most of all when I look "done" instead of frumpy or frazzled others see me that way.
My husband also seems to really enjoy seeing me look a bit more feminine, he treats me gentler and softer... and.. after all, isn't that what I have wanted? I also want that for my girls, I want them to have husbands who love and honor them and I want them to be treated like ladies.

I am sharing this because it is a constant area of growth for me and area God is patiently working with me on and I am learning so much.

I come from a home where when we were young, 9 - 12, my brother and I dressed so much a like.. same t-shirts and jeans.. you couldn't tell us apart. Once I became a teen I was wearing such incredibly low-cut shirts, short shorts and sheer material... I looked not only sleazy but so hard. It wasn't even me, but it was as feminine as I knew how to be.

So, with this I ask that you pray for me. Pray that God will continue to teach me in this area so that I can become the Woman that God created me to be.

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